18-23 Mustang GT Power-X Tune


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Our Power-X line of calibrations are essentially an improved version of the OEM Ford calibration. We start from the OEM stock map and increase the vehicles ability to target higher engine loads/torque at wide open throttle. The result is a calibration that maintains 100% stock OEM feel and reliability, but maximum power that the car is capable of at wide open throttle. Despite being significantly safer than competitor maps, our calibration allows for maximum power possible, and typically outperforms competitor calibrations.

Specific to the Ford calibration strategy, our Power-X tunes work by utilizing the factory timing model.  Our calibration relies on knock based spark advance like factory to get the timing curve optimal as soon as possible during wide open throttle events. Our calibration will support 87 through 93 octane like the stock calibration, however if you are not running 91 or higher you will see minimal power gains. We recommend using only premium fuel (91+ octane) in your Ford Mustang GT.

All Power-X calibrations are emissions compliant and will pass emissions testing. Removing or tampering with emissions equipment on your vehicle will result in a check engine light and the vehicle failing an emissions test.

Power-X calibrations are specific to MAF based vehicles.  The 18-23 Mustang GT uses a MAF sensor located near the airbox to measure airflow.  This means that changing the intake will impact how the car reads airflow and can throw off fueling.  Always ensure that your tune is correct for the airbox that’s being used.  Additionally based on dyno testing done in-house we believe the stock airbox with a drop in knn/green filter is actually the most optimal solution for naturally aspirated vehicles.

Power-X Calibration Features:
  • 100% Ford Refined OEM drivability
  • Factory fuel economy performance
  • Improved engine cooling over factory
  • Less knock over competitor tunes with advanced knock control strategy
  • All the power of a pro tune with out the cost or the turn around time
  • 1 month of tuning support is included with the purchase
  • Same day tune delivery during business hours after receiving the tuning form response
  • SCT BDX Tuning Device
  • Windows computer
  • Premium fuel recommended (91+ octane)

Compatible Modifications:

  • Intake (Stock is recommended for best performance)
  • Long tube headers (Requires a specific tune)
  • Ported intake manifold
  • Cat back exhaust
  • Colder thermostat

What kind of power should I expect?

The power that you get will be heavily dependent on cooling and fuel quality. We highly recommend keeping the factory airbox (and with the oem lid) as it flows very well up to 600 HP while keeping temps very low, and provides a fresh air feed from the grill. After market intakes may see a reduction in power due to increased intake air temperatures.

Power figures are based on in-house dyno testing with a 2021 10 speed auto mustang gt.

AFS ported intake manifold will add an additional 5 WHP to the below power figures

  • Stock: 423 WHP (As tested on our 2021 10 speed mustang gt)
  • 91 Fuel: 435 WHP
  • 91 Fuel & Headers : 450 WHP
  • 93 Fuel: 437 WHP
  • 93 Fuel & Headers : 455 WHP
  • E85 Fuel:  458 WHP
  • E85 Fuel & Headers : 480 WHP

For E85 pumps that do not state an e70 minimum statement we recommend testing your fuel at least once a month using an ethanol test kit.

** Computer Required ***

This product requires basic knowledge of how to install an application to your windows computer.
If you are not comfortable with using a windows computer to install sct device updater on your computer to copy devices files and datalogs to and from the sct bdx device, please do not purchase this product.


We recommend changing your spark plugs every 15,000 miles when running a performance tune for best results

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87-93 octane, E85, 87-93 octane & E85 Bundle