Monster Tuned GTI 93 Tune Sponsorship

Posted by Timothy Pownall on

Monster Tuned is currently looking for a DSG 6 Speed GTI  tuned with Cobb Tuning software (with DSG flash) by another protuner to test our new 93 Stage X calibration and provide feedback/comparison from their current tune.

The ideal car must have the following:

  • Cobb Tune from a competitor tuner
  • 93 gas 
  • All stock preferred, but full bolt on (stock hpfp) is acceptable
  • 1 step colder spark plugs gapped 0.25-0.26

We are looking for feedback and datalogs from our calibration as well as a comparison feel against their current tune to gauge if it's faster or slower so that we can improve upon the calibration.  If you have a Dragy that's a huge plus.

Please email [email protected] if interested. 




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