Focus ST Pwnall Performance Rear Motor Mount (RMM)

Focus ST Pwnall Performance Rear Motor Mount (RMM)

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Pwnall Performance Focus ST & Focus RS Rear Motor Mount (RMM)

Now available for your Focus ST and RS is our new Pwnall Performance RMM (torque mount).  Rated by customers as one of the best motor mounts on the market!
Our rear motor mounts are designed to offer you the most effective balance between vibration and performance.

Choose between our Track spec or Street version.

Stiffer than competitor mounts to offer better performance and less engine movement during shifts.

With our proprietary bushing specification we guarantee you'll love the performance our rear motor mount over the competition.

  • Improves Launch
  • Lowers 0-60 Time
  • Reduces movement between shifts under heavy acceleration
  • Reduces power loss when shifting at WOT
  • Durable and built to last
Track spec will have a little more vibration on take off, however cruising will be the same except with more firm shifts.
Please allow a week of driving to properly break in the mount.

Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!
Install Notes: The logo faces up, please ensure the included bolt doesn't make contact with the vehicle body as it will result in uncessary vibration. 

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