Datalog Etiquette

This article will show you how to obtain the perfect datalog.  Getting the datalog correct every time will result in faster tuning turn around times.
ALWAYS Monitor the ignition corrections after configuring your cobb gauge view per the form you filled out below.  If ignition corrections are more negative than -1.50 at wide open throttle always report them to your tuner!  If your corrections go more negative than -2.00 during a pull let out and ensure it's on a datalog to send to your tuner.

Octane Adjust Ratio Lrn should always read -1.0.0
On 2018+ mustangs this will be KOM (knock octane modifier which should always read 1.00)
*Gear Key*
  • Fiesta ST  (3rd gear)
  • Focus ST  (3rd gear)
  • Mustang EB manual  (3rd gear)
  • Mustang EB auto 6 speed (4th gear)
  • Mustang EB auto 10 speed (5th gear)
  • Ford Raptor (4th gear)
How to get the perfect datalog (only 1 log is needed unless otherwise directed)
  1. Find a safe flat surface to log
  2. Disable OEM traction control
  3. Drop into the correct gear for your vehicle as indicted above
  4. Get your engine speed to 2,500 RPM
  5. Start the datalog on your cobb accessport and wait 3-4 seconds (waiting is crucial!)
  6. Go wide open throttle (100% pedal to the floor, don't ease into it!)
  7. Let off around 6500 rpm on stock turbo cars
  8. Wait 3-4 seconds before stopping the datalog to log your deceleration
  9. Send the log to your tuner by email
See below example of pedal position and datalog etiquette. Both TIP in and Decel can be seen by your tuner.