Fiesta ST Big Turbo Tune


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Have an upgraded turbocharger on your Fiesta ST?

Take your Fiesta ST to the next level with our big turbo tuning. Our big turbo tuning product is tailored to your exact modifications. Our calibration engineer takes the time to review your datalogs thoroughly to calibrate and ensure maximum turbocharger performance and efficiency to get your vehicle to perform the best possible.


  • PCM controlled fuel system (No aux fuel or water meth injection)
  • Cobb Accessport
  • One step colder spark plugs gapped 0.026 (we recommend NGK 95605)

Before jumping straight into tuning we highly recommend emailing us for consultation so we can ensure that your vehicle is properly setup for the upgraded turbocharger and the tuning is a smooth process with no hardware issues holding your car back. You can reach us by emailing

This tune includes 4 months of tuning support after purchased in which the tune must be completed. Please ensure the vehicle is healthy and there are no boost leaks, vacuum line leaks, or exhaust leaks. Additionally it’s important the wastegate actuator is properly calibrated when using an internal wastegate.

Revision turnaround times:

We pride our self with fast tuning turn around times. We are typically delivering 2-3 revisions per week with our big turbo tunes, however you can add expedited turn around for 1-2 revisions per business day for an additional fee. This option is recommended if you wanna knock out the tune and get full power as soon as possible. Expect around 5-10 tune revisions per fuel to fully dial in boost control and ensure the vehicle is making best power, we are perfectionists and want the calibration to be perfect.

Dyno Tuning:

If you are located in San Antonio, TX or willing to make the trip we will dyno tune your car. Typically we like to get boost control dialed in before the car hits the dyno as the dyno load will not be exactly the same as engine load on the street. Dyno tunes are done same day so there is no reason to choose the fast turn around option if you are going to be dyno tuning locally with us.

Fuel system limitations:

If you are wanting to make more than 300 whp on the Fiesta ST you will need to upgrade the direct injectors with bosch 30% injectors ($499) and upgrade the high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) with an XDI35 HPFP ($1399). If you are going with a GTX2860 or GTX2867r turbo you can most likely get away with 30% injectors only, but you will be limited to around 320 whp and that power will be mostly around 5800-6500 RPM.

Fuel system tuning disclaimer:

At this time we only calibrate upgraded fuel components that are controlled by the factory pcm. Aux fuel kits can be compared to water meth injection kits for fuel as they only know map sensor voltage and rpm so the pcm is not aware of the fueling and does not have any control over it. Aux fuel is a complete stand alone fuel system and always sprays a static amount of fuel as programmed on the controller using pressure and rpm for input. Due to this weather conditions or altitude changes can have a large affect on fueling consistency and we will not remote tune for an aux fuel system.

Support Period

Big turbo tune purchases include 4 months of support from the purchase date. This is to ensure that we are able to complete the tune in a timely manner. If the tune is not finished due to mechanical issues with the vehicle or lack of datalogs from the customer you can purchase a Big Turbo Top Up Tune to extend the support period.

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** Please note that all tune sales are final and tune or device sales are non-refundable after ordering. **

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