2018+ Mustang GT Tuning with RTD tuning device (Bundle)

2018+ Mustang GT Tuning with RTD tuning device (Bundle)

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This bundle includes the HP Tuners RTD tuning device.

Take your 18-21 Mustang GT to the next level with our Power-X calibration for your mustang gt.

What is Power-X and what makes it better than the competition?

Our Power-X line of calibrations are essentially an improved version of the OEM Ford calibration.  We start from the OEM stock map and increase the vehicles ability to target higher engine loads/torque at wide open throttle.  The result is a calibration that maintains 100% stock OEM feel and reliability, but maximum power that the car is capable of at wide open throttle.  Despite being significantly safer than competitor maps, our calibration allows for maximum power possible, and typically outperforms competitor calibrations.

All Power-X calibrations are emissions compliant and will pass emissions testing like OEM calibrations (NOT CARB COMPLIANT).  Removing or tampering with emissions equipment on your vehicle will result in a check engine light and the vehicle failing an emissions test.

All of our Power-X calibrations drive as smooth as stock and maintain all OEM safety mechanisms.

Power-X Calibration Features:
  • 100% Ford Refined OEM drivability
  • Factory fuel economy performance
  • Compatible with 90+ octane (Premium fuel only)
  • Improved engine cooling over factory
  • Grill shutters tuned for maximum cooling performance
  • Less knock over competitor tunes with advanced knock control strategy
  • Dyno tested and proven to meet or exceed advertised gains over oem calibration
  • 1 month of tuning support is included with the purchase
  • Same day tune file electronic delivery during business hours after receiving the tuning form response
  • HP Tuners RTD tuning device
  • Premium fuel required (90+ octane)
  • PC/Laptop or Windows tablet with internet access

Compatible Modifications:

  • Intake (Stock is recommended for best performance)
  • Catback Exhaust
  • Headers

Our tuning form will allow you to provide your modification information.  No fueling upgrades are required for E85 on a 2018+ Mustang GT.  We recommend keeping the fuel system all stock for best drivability and reliability.

Modification Notes:

The 2018+ Mustang GT is a MAF strategy vehicle meaning that the vehicle measures airflow using a maf sensor located on the factory airbox tube.  This means that once the tune is delivered if you change your intake it will require a re-tune or fueling will be off.

Changing modifications after tune delivery will require a $100 top up tune service to adjust the tune for the new modifications.

What kind of power should I expect?

The power that you get will be heavily dependent on cooling and fuel quality.  We highly recommend keeping the factory airbox (and with the oem lid) as it flows just as good as aftermarket intakes.  After market intakes may see a reduction in power due to increased intake air temperatures.

Power figures will vary depending on fuel quality and are measured at the wheel.

Power figures tested with pump 93 octane on the dyno with our 10 speed auto 2021 mustang GT development vehicle.

  • Stock baseline: 423 whp
  • Tune only: 437 whp (+ 14 whp over stock)
  • Tune and headers: 455 whp (+ 32 whp over stock)
  • Tune only E85: 459 whp (+ 36 whp over stock)
  • Tune and headers E85: 477 whp (+ 54 whp over stock)

    *** E85 Tune Notes ***

    For E85 pumps that do not state an e70 minimum statement we recommend testing your fuel at least once a month using an ethanol test kit.

    ** IMPORTANT ***

    Please review the datalog etiquette page here for more information on data logging.

    By purchasing this product you have fully read and agree to our Store Policy.

    *** This product does not ship to California ***

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