2020 F150 3.5 Ecoboost Cobb AP V3 andAdapt-X Tune w/TCM Tuning (Bundle)

2020 F150 3.5 Ecoboost Cobb AP V3 andAdapt-X Tune w/TCM Tuning (Bundle)

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Take your 17-19 F150 3.5 Ecoboost to the next level with our new ground breaking octane learning calibration. The ultimate 3.5 ecoboost tune experience.

Now you can enjoy a premium luxury tuning experience from Monster Tuned with the powerful Cobb Accessport V3 tuning platform and f150 ecoboost tuning.

This Bundle includes the 2020 Cobb Accessport V3 tuner part # AP3-FOR-007 with TCM support.  The 2020 F150 has the TCM tables integrated into the PCM and does not require any additional license fees like the 17-19 F150.

What is Adapt-X and what makes it better than the competition?

Our Adapt-X line of calibrations are unique advanced closed loop calibrations designed for operation with the stock turbocharger, stock wastegate, and stock fuel system, as well as being developed and tested with factory inferred octane learning.

With 15+ years of software development experience, our calibration engineer reverse engineers the factory ECU strategy to increase horsepower and torque across the entire curve while maintaining all OEM controls and safety features.  The Ecoboost ECU has closed loop fueling, closed loop ignition based on knock feedback, and  a closed loop boost control system using a PID controller subsystem.  After 9+ months of research and development the result is the perfect stock turbo tune.  No revisions are needed and you can continue to modify your vehicle and re-flash the map after you have made changes to the vehicle and the ECU will compensate for those changes while providing more power than competitor tuners. 

All of our Adapt-X calibrations drive as smooth as stock with faster turbocharger response during throttle in conditions as well as offering a driving experience unlike anything offered by the competition.

Adapt-X Calibration Features:
  • 100% Ford Refined OEM Drivability
  • Factory fuel economy performance
  • Increased speed limiter to 112 MPH
  • Speedometer correction for larger tire size
  • Improved engine cooling over factory
  • Auto Stop/Start Disabled
  • Grill and radiator shutters always fully opened for maximum cooling
  • Less knock over competitor tunes with advanced knock control strategy
  • Adaptive boost control strategy designed to be compatible with most bolt on modifications, and more responsive than factory controls
  • All the power of a pro tune with out the cost or the turn around time
  • Improved factory octane learning designed to operate on regular or premium gas
  • TCM tuning included in the price (17-19 requires a TCM license on the cobb ap)
  • 1000+ hours of research and development
  • 1 month of tuning support is included with the purchase
  • Same day tune delivery during business hours after receiving the tuning form response
  • Cobb Accessport V3 Tuner (17-19 vehicles must have TCM support on their AP)
  • Stock Turbo
  • Stock wastegate actuator
  • Stock fuel system (No fuel system modifications or auxiliary fuels like WMI)

Compatible Modifications:

  • Intake (Stock is recommended for best performance)
  • Intercooler
  • Downpipes
  • Exhaust

What kind of power should I expect?

The power that you get will be heavily dependent on cooling and fuel quality.  We highly recommend keeping the stock intake and silencer rings (reduces turbulent airflow) on your F150 3.5 Ecoboost.  After market intakes may see a reduction in power due to increased intake air temperatures as well as the potential to throw a check engine light.

Power figures will vary depending weather conditions:

  • 87 Octane: 425 HP (374 whp)
  • 91 Octane: 480 HP (422 whp)
  • 93 Octane: 500 HP (440 whp)
  • E20 Blend: 530 HP (466 whp)

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*** Ethanol Mix Notes ***

Our Adapt-X maps support an ethanol blend up to E20 for additional performance over 93 octane.  The blend will depend on your fuel tank size.  If you have the standard gas tank size of 23 gallons you will want to blend a total of 4 gallons of e85 to a full tank of 91/93 octane.

If you have the extended range gas tank that usually comes with the max trailer tow package you will want to blend a total of 6 gallons of e85 to a full tank of 91/93 octane.

*** Octane Learning Notes ***

Our Adapt-X maps support the acceptable factory octane learning range of 87-93 octane (sea level) and 85/86 octane (3000+ feet above sea level). 

When moving from a higher to a lower octane fuel, please allow around 30 miles for the fuel in the tank to blend and the knock based octane learning to fully adjust and settle before doing wide open throttle pulls.  This is to keep knock at wide open throttle to a minimum and ensure engine safety.


*** Towing Notes ***

Our Adapt-X maps infer octane content using knock based feedback like OEM and because of this, increased engine load from towing will lower overall octane value ensuring that the engine is safe while towing.  This means you are not required to have a "tow tune".  We do recommend utilizing the towing transmission mode when towing with your F150. 

** Maintenance Notes ***

When running a performance tune we recommend replacing your spark plugs every 30k miles as well as cleaning or replacing your air filter every 10k miles to ensure proper performance.  Never gap your spark plugs with a coin tool as it can damage the precious metals on the center electrode.

See our Dragy results performing a 60-100 MPH run in 6.9 seconds with a poor Density Altitude (DA) of 3556 ft above sea level with 93 octane on a 100% stock supercrew 4x4. Truck was topped off with a full tank of 93 gas.

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