Fiesta ST Pumaspeed R-Sport Quickspool Tubular Turbo Manifold

Fiesta ST Pumaspeed R-Sport Quickspool Tubular Turbo Manifold

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Pumaspeed Designed Fiesta ST180 Stock Location Equal Length Tubular Manifold - Pumaspeed Tubular Manifolds

  • Fits all Stock and Hybrid Turbochargers
  • Unique Quickspool Design
  • 'Thick Wall' 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Triple welded for total reliability
  • 22 degree collector entry angle for ultimate flow


The New Pumaspeed Designed Fiesta ST180 Tubular Manifold Smooths the flow from the head to the turbo much better than the original log design Stock Ford version.

The Power graph shown from an independent test by Noble Motorsport shows a before and after Manifold fitment.

The test car was equipped with the smaller version Stage 2 Hybrid not the X-27 7 blade version and the small bore quickspool manifold. The power increase is staggering, the new Pumaspeed Design manifold delivers power a massive 1000-1500 revs earlier when used with the precision MAXD-OUT software calibration giving the perfect fueling and boost consistently across the entire rev range.

Will this work on any specification of ST180 ?
Yes this will work on any spec of EcoBoost ST180 Fiesta but we do advise the use of a suitable remapping to enable the extra flow to be used. Our own testing without a suitable mapping showed a small loss in power when using an incorrect mapping.
For more info on the MAXD-OUT Manifold series of remaps please call us

Will this work on a low specifictaion of ST180 ?
A base MP 215 Mountune equipped ST180. increased power from 207 bhp to 227 bhp and added 15lbsft of torque by using this manifold design.
The Test Mountune MP215 ST180 Fiesta made a disappointing 208 bhp even when fitted with following extra hardware, Milltek Decat, a Milltek Cat Back Exhaust and a Forge intercooler.
After the install of the Pumaspeed Manifold it produced a healthy 227.1 bhp on the MP 215 kit. whilst still fitted with the Milltek Decat, a Milltek Cat Back Exhaust and a Forge intercooler.

Its well known that installing a tubular manifold on the old Focus RS Mk1 added around 20 -25 bhp it enabled the turbo to spool up quicker, adding to the driving experience. On the Fiesta ST 180 the same principle applies, Faster Spool, More Power, More Torque

The new stock location manifold has taken inspiration and design from the best ,we use super reliable thick walled stainless tubing.

This HEAVY DUTY unit fits all std Fiesta ST 180 EcoBoost turbos, it locates the turbocharger in the exact position as the OE Manifold enabling all stock pipework and water lines to be retained.

Please note this product is made to order and there is a 7-14 day wait period before it will ship.

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