Focus ST BNR 2867 turbo upgrade with Tuning (500 HP Capable)

Focus ST BNR 2867 turbo upgrade with Tuning (500 HP Capable)

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Introducing the Monster Tuned BNR 2867R turbocharger upgrade complete system. 

It's a well known fact that the OEM turbo just doesn't flow enough air to satisfy most focus st owners.  If you want to keep close to stock turbo response and add an additional 110 HP (93 octane), or an additional 200 HP (e30) over your 93 octane stage 3 setup then this is the right turbo for you!

  • 1 year / Unlimited mile warranty
  • Direct Bolt on replacement
  • BNR 2867 CHRA with billet wheels
  • Close to stock turbo boost response
  • 500bhp capable with high octane and upgraded fuel system


What's Included?

  • Upgraded wastegate actuator
  • JBR BOV kit w/symposer delete (If selected) (Mechanical BOV required)
  • Monster Tuned 91 or 93 Calibration (Requires cobb accessport)

    Power capabilities with quality fuel:

    • 370 bhp 91 octane fuel
    • 400 bhp 93 octane fuel
    • 430 bhp 93 octane (Injector Upgrade)
    • 430 bhp e30 (stock fuel system)
    • 450 bhp e30 (Injector upgrade)
    • 500 bhp e30 (Injector upgrade & HPFP upgrade)


    Why do I need an injector upgrade to reach full power potential?

    On a direct injection vehicle as RPM increases the injection window for the injector decreases.  This is because the speed of the piston coming up during the combustion stroke is much faster and reducing the time the injector has to spray fuel. Past 5500 RPM the injector window becomes noticeably smaller and while some tuners will allow the car to lean up we will not as this will result in ring land failure down the road.  If your are on the stock fuel system on e30 the tune will be optimized for peak power at 6,000 RPM with a redline of 6600 RPM.   With the injector upgrade you can continue to make power to 7000 RPM which will result in an increase in power as well. 

    Supporting mod requirements:

    • Intercooler Upgrade (Monster Tuned FMIC Recommended)

    • 1 Step Colder Spark plugs gapped (0.026) (Sold pre-gapped by Monster Tuned)
    • Mechanical BOV (Kit included for an additional fee)

    • Cobb AP required for tuning

    • Larger than stock downpipe


      Parts required but not included:

      • CJ5Z-9448-A (Turbo to manifold gasket)


      *** Return Policy ***

      This product is not eligible for returns or refunds. If the product was damaged upon arrival the customer has 5 business days to contact us so that we can work towards getting the unit exchanged for a replacement unit.

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