Focus ST Stage X Tune V5

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Take your Focus ST to the next level with an Stage X Tune from Monster Tuned
With 7 years of tuning knowledge on the ecoboost platform we strive to succeed on offering the ultimate balance between performance and safety. 

The results speak for them self, the most powerful stock turbo tune available on the market.  Factory drivability and tire shredding acceleration when the pedal is put to the floor.

What is Stage X and what makes it different?

Our Stage X line of calibrations are unique advanced closed loop calibrations designed for operation with the stock turbocharger, stock wastegate, and stock fuel system. 

With 15+ years of software development experience, our calibrator reverse engineers the factory ECU strategy to develop a closed loop tuning system.  The Ecoboost ECU has closed loop fueling, closed loop ignition, and closed loop boost control using a PID controller subsystem.  After 9+  months of research and development the result is the perfect stock turbo tune.  No revisions are needed and you can continue to modify your car and re-flash the map after you have made changes to the car and the ECU will compensate for those changes while providing more power than competitor tuners. 

All of our  Stage X maps drive like stock or better and drivability is our main focus to offer the perfect tune that sacrifices nothing.  Experience a tune unlike anything offered by the competition.

Stage X Features:
  • 100% Ford Refined OEM Drivability
  • Less knock over competitor tunes with advanced knock control strategy
  • Adaptive boost control strategy designed to be compatible with all bolt on modifications, and more responsive than factory.
  • All the power of a pro tune with out the cost or the turn around time
  • Significantly improved boost response
  • 1000+ hours of research and development
  • 1 month of tuning support is included with the purchase
  • Same day tune delivery during business hours
  • Cobb Accessport V3 for Focus ST
  • One step colder spark plugs gapped at 0.026 (We sell Ruthenium NGK pre-gapped)
  • Stock Turbo
  • Stock wastegate actuator
  • Stock fueling (no aux fuel/wmi)

What kind of power should I expect?

The power that you get will be heavily dependent on cooling and fuel quality.  We highly recommend keeping the factory airbox (and with the oem lid) as it flows very well up to 400whp while keeping temps very low, and provides a fresh air feed from the grill.  After market intakes may see a reduction in power due to increased intake air temperatures.

Power figures will vary depending on the dyno:

  • (91/93) Tune stock FMIC (250 whp / 260 whp)
  • (91/93) Tune uprated FMIC (260 whp / 270 whp)
  • (E30) Tune stock FMIC (280 whp)
  • (E30) Tune uprated FMIC (295 whp)

Driving Tips:

For fastest acceleration the optimum shift points on our tunes for peak power is 5800 rpm.  Shifting later than this will result in slower acceleration. 

When racing we recommend using the flat foot shifting features to shift.

Results from a customer car with full bolts, stock wga, and e30 fuel (older V2 tune)

Power: 290 whp
Torque: 395 wtq (pull was started late on the dyno which showed reduced torque figures)

focus e30 dyno

*** Ethanol Mix Notes ***

The fiesta st and focus st gas tank is 12.4 gallons.  For our Focus ST E30 tunes we require mixing 4 gallons of e85 to a full tank of 91/93 octane fuel.   This essentially comes out to 1 gallon of e85 per 1/4 tank which makes mixing fuel much easier and you'll never need to use a calculator again.  Depending on what comes out of the pump this will result in a mix between e28 and e35 which will ensure the car has enough ethanol mixed for safe operation.  More ethanol is better than too little ethanol.

When mixing always allow 15 miles of driving for the fuel to mix before going wide open throttle.  Failure to allow the fuel to properly mix can result in excessive knock.

For E85 pumps that do not state an e70 minimum statement we recommend testing your fuel at least once a month using an ethanol test kit.


We have seen very undesirable results with the oem spark plugs when developing our maps.  

One step colder plugs are a requirement on our tunes to ensure smooth operation.  We recommend NGK Part # 95606 spark plugs gapped at 0.026. 

Click below to purchase pre-gapped ngk ruthenium spark plugs (opens a new window)

We recommend our pre-gapped plugs to avoid damaging the center electrode when gapping the plug.

Please review the datalog etiquette page here for more information on data logging.

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