Monster Tuned Fiesta ST Fuel System Upgrade (HPFP + Injectors)

Monster Tuned Fiesta ST Fuel System Upgrade (HPFP + Injectors)

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The factory fuel system on the Fiesta ST is good for around 290 whp safely before things start to get lean up top due to the reduced injector spray time past 5500 rpm.  In the past customers would add a piggy back injector controller that sprayed static flow values based on rpm and tip sensor voltage (aux fuel), however now you can upgrade the factory fuel system so that fueling is controlled by the cars PCM 100% of the time.


What's included:

  • Xtreme-DI HPFP35 (35% more volume)
  • Pumaspeed 30% uprated double sealed bosch injectors

This kit will provide suitable fuelling up to 400whp on e30 blend.  After 400 whp the low pressure side fuel pump starts to lose pressure and we recommend our Monster Tuned LPFP kit for $599.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping on the Xtreme-DI pumps as they are in high demand currently.


xdi35 hpfp

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